Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kewpies @ Millk

Millk Kewpies...pop a mail to order...
What is the “Kewpie doll” ? ….yes Kewpie with a “K”

The name is derived from “cupid”, the Roman god of beauty,  and is based on the comic strip-like illustrations of Rose O’Neill  which appeared in the Ladies’ Home Journal in 1909 (more than 100 years ago). Paper cutouts (from both the front- and back side..hehe) of the dolls were printed in this Journal, and so the journey began.

Rose O’Neil once said: “Cupid gets you into trouble and the Kewpies get you out, always searching out ways to make the world better and funnier.”

This is why Kewpie dolls are one of the most unique dolls that have been created (Barbie might be heavy competition).

Kewpie has the sneaky looking side glancing eyes and the quaint little smile that leaves people wondering what’s going through that Kewpie’s head. Maybe it’s a smile of victory from enduring time!

I leave you with the true words from the creator of Kewpie –

“Do good deeds in a funny way. The world needs to laugh or at least smile more than it does”-Rose O’Neil

Rose O'Neil
the Kewpie