Thursday, 5 July 2012

pick me! pick me!

If you have ever visited our website ( you would have noticed our landing page...
Scroll around with the mouse pointer and you will see the animals reacting!
This reminded me of the SHREK movie and the famous quote of donkey..."pick me! pick me!"

Shrek: Does anyone know where this Farquaad guy is?
[Donkey jumps up and down, shouting out like a young child]
Donkey: Oh, I know! I know where he is!
Shrek: Does anyone ELSE know where to find him?
Donkey: Pick me! Pick me! Me! Me!

This got us thinking, so we got creative!!!
We introduce to you our very own DONKEY!!!
Pick me! Pick me! Donkey (send us a mail for the price)
Hope it makes you smile!