Monday, 5 August 2013

millk maak 'n goeie burger

Super excited that someone noticed our "hus" featuring in the "Burger" newspaper!
Unfortunately in Gauteng we only have the sister newspaper (the Beeld) but one of our customers in the Cape sent us the article via post.

Inspired by grandma

My husband and i recently visited grandma - what an inspiration! Grandmother Gshwend is 85 years old and still living life to its fullest. She loves her hobbies and has a weekly appointment with a friend to paint table cloths. What inspired me most was the fact that she knits bunnies in her spare time (yes, at 85 she refers to her spare time) and sponsors the small animals to a child care home.
I asked her to knit me a red bunny and guess what's sitting on a bookshelf in my office?....just have a look at the end special and inspirational! IS THIS CUTE OR WHAT?