Monday, 13 April 2015

Mill'k headquarters is buzzing with excitement!

It is our privilege to share with you that we will be launching an awesome brand new online store very soon. Watch this space for more details…


And a big thank you to everyone that supported us at Tierlantynkies or even just came for a chat! We had an absolute blast and already can’t wait for the next one.
Happy Easter!

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Mill'k March 2015 Newsletter


As this is the month of the PROTEA: This proudly South-African flower symbolizes
Among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us that protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. A sea god who had the power to know all things past, present and future, Proteus was defiant and preferred to nap on the island of Pharos rather than prophesize. To deter those seeking his insights, he would change his shape at will, and it’s said that the protea flower was named after him because it, too, presents itself in an astounding variety of shapes, sizes, hues and textures to make up more than 1,400 varieties. 
Our Jacaranda hand carved protea is the perfect proudly South-African souvenir. It  is also a thoughtful gift for kitchen tea's, dinner parties, weddings, house warmings and of course a flower in the house, although not fresh it will always be lovely.

As autumn is drawing nearer we are super excited to once again exhibit at Tierlantynkies 25-31 March 2015. Please come by and say hi!
The newest member to the Mill'k family is Anneri Papenfus.
After traveling the world as an international cabin crew, Anneri decided to get married in January to the love of her life, Carel, and join the Mill'k team. Anneri will focus on our shops and stockists. And off course bring a bit of creative juices to the table :)